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We always hope that our investments in life gain value. Those capital gains are taxed heavily. In fact that tax will probably rise in the next few years. New banking regulations, coupled with more uncertainty on the horizon makes us all hesitant. To protect yourself for the years to come make sure your investments are positioned correctly in the markets. When those positions gain you want to hold onto as much of the profits as possible. We will show you some of the easiest, safest and most beneficial ways to protect those profits and reduce taxes.

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital gains tax results from selling a capital asset i.e. stock, bond, mutual fund, apartment building, diamond, for more than its "basis." For most, basis is what is originally paid for the asset, including transaction costs. Further, if you hold a position in your portfolio for a year or less and decide to sell, the IRS considers any gains to be taxable as normal income. This means that your normal tax rate will apply. This can be as much as 35%. If you hold longer than a year and then sell you will be taxed at the flat rate of 15%. If you make the decision to donate stock rather than sell you will drop your taxable gains to zero. This means that when you donate your position to charity you avoid capital gains entirely. This can be a great way to limit your taxable income.

What happens when I donate stock?

When you donate stock one of two things will take place. will liquidate your asset and earmark the proceeds for the program of your choice. The second option; a charity retains the position in our portfolio until the most optimal time arrives to sell the particular security. has developed a streamlined program with all major brokerage firms in the nation. This unmatched network offers you the donor a safe and secure method for transferring your assets. We take great pride in our work and strive every day to use the donations we receive the most efficient and just way possible.

Always remember the time and date of when the charity chooses to liquidate your stock, bond, or other asset, will not affect your deduction credit. Your tax consideration for your securities donation is based on the market price of the asset on the day the transfer to the stocks which causes this takes place.

You Can Help Make a Difference!

Donations directly from your investment portfolio are becoming one of the most popular and often times the most efficient ways to give. Many wealthy individuals have charities. I'm sure in less than a minute you can name five well known individuals who also have founded a charity. Giving, helps offset a person’s federal tax obligations. You will often find out that many large donations made to a charity from individuals and corporate entities are made up of part cash, stock, bond and or other asset combination. This is done because making an all cash donation is often not the best way to maximize benefits to the donor. Each person is different; thus each individual tax situation is unique. Every person or corporation has different goals for life. Our investments, over time, should help us achieve this life plan. Stockswithcauses is an important key to making the most beneficial charitable donation possible for both you the donor and the charity.

Our promise is to grow each day in a moral and just way. We promise to be acutely tuned to your individual needs. Our growth is dependent upon the donations we take in. We understand that you the donor are the most important part of our programs. Without you none of this is possible. When you choose Stockswithcauses to make your charitable donation you will quickly come to realize that we have your best interests in mind.

IRS Publication 526

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