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The With Causes Charitable Network has developed a nationwide program geared to maximize the fair market value of your charitable stock donation. Utilizing industry professionals and those with a desire to contribute or to the needs of those less fortunate we are able to serve you the Donor in a more responsible way while having a better understanding of the financial aspect of such a transaction allowing us to maximize the financial benefit of your charitable donation. In addition we have worked very diligently to become one of nations leaders in computer, boat donation, real estate donation and car donations as well by utilizing people with experience in these areas and the desire to benefit those in need. Each month hundreds of applicants bothe individuals and other likeminded charitable organizations, as well as governmental or municipal entities write to us with a variety of needs looking for the experience that can only be provided through a charitable program such as ours. When you donate to charity you give these individuals the supplies and tools they need to get back on track in life! You can truly make a difference when you donate stocks to charity.

I'm making a charitable stock donation to charity How does my donation benefit?

Your charitable donation will be turned into useable charitable funds that will feed directly back into the communities that we serve. Funds could go to purchase computers and equipment for schools, churches, and individuals in need. Make a stock donation and help fund our vehicle donations program. Your donation may purchase a vehicle for a growing after school program that has lost funding. Give bonds to charity and you can help a child succeed in today's technology based schools with a new computer for school; even other charitable nonprofit groups can directly benefit from your donation. When you make a stock donation to charity the possibilities are endless. Now more than ever nonprofits and individuals are in need of truly generous people to help them through their time of need. We can also allow you to make the choice when it comes to the community outreach you wish to benefit. Ask us how your donation can directly benefit your favorite local group! Call us today.

You Can Help Make a Difference!

When you donate securities or donate financial instruments to you make a difference in someone's life... You help make meaningful lasting changes in someone's life, it's as simple as that! When you make a donation you improve the lives of another if not several individuals in need. Not a bad deal.
In addition to making the world a better place is second to none when it comes to achieving the highest allowable fair market value tax consideration for donors like yourself.
This is done by the With Causes Charitable Network's mission is to bring together the brightest and best minds in a given industry to work together with those that need help.
Stocks with Causes can maximize your financial benefit as well as the individuals, communities and other likeminded charitable Organizations that we serve.
When you are ready to make a real difference in your community and maximize your tax deduction benefits, give Stocks with Causes a call!

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