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Mutual funds are found in almost every Americans investment portfolio. A mutual fund, as we're sure you know, is a fund that allows you the investor the ability to limit your investment risk by investing in one fund that has its capital leveraged across several similar companies. In other words you and every other investors capital is invested together into several companies. The entire “fund” (that giant pool of you and your new investment buddies money) is managed by a person called a "fund manager" or some other similar title. They move that capital amongst those companies dependent upon each company’s individual performance. The manager also seeks out new companies that may produce the next great thing! These mutual funds are safe structures that usually grow over the short term fairly well. Those gains can cost you if you decide to cash out. Maybe retire is a better word. Donate mutual fund or a portion of your fund to offset those gains. Please complete the mutual fund donation form below to get started!

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