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Why Donate Stock / Securities?

There are many benefits when considering a donation of stocks, bonds, and other assets to Stocks with Causes. There is always the advantage of helping others with any donation you make. With a stock donation or any type of securities donation you yourself can benefit right along with the charity!  Stock Donations Why Donate Stocks

Who Donates Stock / Securities to Stocks with Causes?

We offer our services to individuals and corporations who would like to make a difference. We will show you, regardless of your financial position, how beneficial securities donations will be.
An entire page is devoted to explaining who donates stocks located here: Stock Donation Who Donates Stock

What do you do with my stock donation?

When you donate stock one of two things will take place. Stocks with Causes will liquidate your asset and earmark the proceeds for the program of your choice. The second option; our charity retains the position in our portfolio until the most optimal time arrives to sell the particular security. Stocks with Causes has developed a streamlined program with all major brokerage firms in the nation. This unmatched network offers you, the donor, a safe and secure method for transferring your assets. Always remember the time and date of when the charity chooses to liquidate your stock, bond, or other asset, will not affect your deduction credit. Your tax consideration for your securities donation is based on the market price of the asset on the day the transfer to stocks with causes takes place.

What causes will my securities donation benefit?

Your stock donation helps us continue to support numerous causes worldwide. Educational Programs, music in classrooms, Computer labs, Youth Development, Orphanages, Homeless families and runaways, medical equipment and supplies for disadvantaged, veterans, elderly & disabled, Promotion and support of religious causes, faiths and like-minded charitable organizations, Animal Rights and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Wildlife Conservation
Family and Patient Support for those with a Serious Illness.

Capital Gains Tax Method? Donation of stock = Zero Capital gains tax owed on that position.

The IRS leaves you with a choice. First option is to hold your investment beyond a year to qualify for the long term capital gains rate of 15%. If you can’t wait than expect Uncle Sam to consider any gains made, taxed as short term capital gains rate. For example if you are normally in the 25% tax bracket than your short term capital gains tax would be 25%. That is a huge chunk of your earnings!

There is a third option. If you donate stock rather than sell you will avoid all capital gains on that position. In many cases a stock donation can actually help increase the amount you are able to claim as a deduction. Cash often times carries a higher tax encumbrance than stocks as you probably already know..

What if your position did not make a gain, but rather has realized a loss. You can use that loss to offset the capital gains on other assets. The downside is that the IRS only allows you to deduct up to 3000 dollars in most cases when using this method. If you donate your portfolio holdings you are allowed to write off up to 50% of your taxable income per year. 50% is much better than $3000. For further information read our Capital Gain Tax page & IRS Publication 526

Do you offer Charitable Gift Annuities?

Yes! Want to be paid for your donation while still receiving a tax deduction? Ask one of our helpful agents about a trust fund or annuity. These tax structures given to us by the great U.S. of A. allow you to do many things. You can structure monthly payments to a beneficiary of your choice yet still claim a deduction in this calendar year. You may also want to set up a fund for someone in the future. We are an extraordinary and necessary tool when seeking the right avenue for your charitable investment donation. Charitable gift annuity

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