Stocks with causes offers any investor the chance to gain in financial position in addition to helping charity. Donate stocks, bonds, or portions of your portfolio to offset gains made elsewhere in the year. Incomparable way you can make a difference. Donate stocks

You can make a difference

Donate stocks to charity

Stocks with Causes has set up a system for corporations and individual donors to donate stocks and securities to support a variety of important charitable causes. Depending on whether you've made or lost money on the investment, gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities are exempt from IRS capital gains tax. Tax receipts are valued based on the closing price of the date upon which the shares are transferred to our charitable giving brokerage funds account.

Stock Donations Support:

  • Educational Programs, Music in classrooms, Computer labs, Adults continuing Education
  • Children, Youth Development, Orphanages, Homeless families and runaways
  • Medical equipment and supplies for disadvantaged, veterans, elderly & disabled
  • Promotion and support of religious causes, faiths and charitable organizations
  • Animal Rights and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Wildlife Conservation
  • Family and Patient Support for those with a Serious Illness

Donating stocks

Our donors agree donating stock shares electronically is the most practical and secure delivery process available. Donations of paper stock certificates are becoming quite rare these days, we will gladly accept any securities you wish to gift though..

Tax Deduction - NO Capital Gains Tax

Donating appreciated securities is a tax-wise approach to giving. Capital gains tax is on the rise! Make sure that you are protected. Stocks with Causes can offer shelter and limit the taxation on your hard earned capital gains for the year. Making a stock donation is not just for the "super rich.” Your assets should benefit you. You have worked hard to be a responsible and conservative investor; interested in limiting the amount you must pay to the government. The smartest few in the investment world are making the most money, but they are doing one better! They pay the least amount of taxes, legally!

You too can pay less taxes each year, benefit charity, and keep more of your overall gains. Our expertise will ensure the benefits to you and the charity are maximized. We are masters in our field and will develop a precise plan to unleash the full potential of your stock donation.

Stocks with Causes

Donate Stocks to Charity
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  • Donate Stocks - Donate common stock and/or preferred stock donation portfolio.

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  • Avoid Capital Gains Tax: Pay zero capital gains tax when you donate securities.

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  • Donate Bonds held at a Brokerage firm or Bank. Tax effective way of donating.

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